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In our latest multi-unit project, we are currently in the process of building a beautiful 23-townhome development in the heart of Kanata that includes three blocks of 8, 10, and 5 units.

Our management team and streamlined system allow Develeko to handle multiple units with ease.

We have ownership and great relationships with all of the firms that will work on your project, which equals huge savings, A+ service, and a project completed on time.

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23-Townhome Development




April, 2019 – Present

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Kanata Townhouses

Building Multiple Units With Ease

Develeko has maintained a consistent and locally applauded approach to multi-unit developments that guarantees the highest quality standards at all times.

We Run An Efficient and Reliable General Contracting Firm

Our approach is designed to meet your needs for any size and scale of multi-unit developments. Although the process is tasking and requires a lot of planning, we have developed an efficient system that is suitable for any project magnitude.

We Are Your Go-To Experts for Multi-Unit Developments

Having us take good care of your development’s needs saves you the stress and bottlenecks that could hinder the pace of your project. We offer unwavering support and take charge of all that is required to see to the successful completion of your building project.

Thanks to our adoption of the latest technology and proven methods, we are confidently able to offer you fast planning and quick completion of multi-unit developments. Our highly qualified team of experts will work to ensure that your expectations are met and exceeded.

Let us Bring Your Dream Project to Life at Develeko.

Do not miss out on profitable opportunities in the construction landscape because of poor management and implementation. You need a professional contractor you can entrust with your investment without fear or doubt.

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