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Drip House
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Nothing makes us happier than a project where we can help our client through every step of the way.

When we were asked to help build a falafel and coffee shop in the city, our clients gave us the “carte blanche” to handle everything from location selection and branding to designing and building the entire project.

The end result was Drip House. A unique food and coffee shop in Hintonburg that was meticulously designed to make you feel at home as soon as you walked in.

Our marketing team got to work and ensured that Drip House would see success from day one.

Brand awareness and sales have soared since the grand opening in September, 2019.

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Drip House

We are honoured to have worked with such amazing clients and been a part of this success story.

When visiting Drip House, be sure to mention that you are potential Develeko clients to receive your sandwich and coffee on the house.

At Develeko, we provide you with experts in all of the crucial domains that will lead to a thriving business: real estate research, design, build, management, and marketing.

We look forward to speaking with you about your business vision and helping to make it a reality.